All new approach to practical
Industry connect program
  • Dedicated faculty by Jay Robotix
  • Advanced Robotics Center of Excellence
  • Quick return on investment
  • Industry - academia interaction
  • Certified Industry ready engineers
  • Access to best practical talent
  • Minimize efforts on recruitment & training
  • Campus hire assistance
  • Certified Hands on Training programs
  • Gain self confidence to execute innovative projects
  • Integration with current semesters
  • Get placed with top core industries
Process flow
Hands on
Practical learning of
engineering concepts
Working on real
time client delivery
Idea to
Work in team &
deliver a prototype
to win cash prize
Real time product
packaging, marketing
and delivery
A cost effective solution for your college with best benefits
  • In college research facilities
    Universities equipped with Robotics Center of Excellence will have access to various robots, software & hardware tools. This will help universities to create a eco system where high end research can be executed at par with other reputed universities globally.
  • Dedicated Faculty/Engineer by Jay Robotix
    It is observed that advanced practical learning labs in many universities are ideal and are NOT being actively used by students as there is a lack of skill set in the campus to train students. To overcome this hurdle for universities, JRPL has come up with a service offering to deploy a well trained robotics engineer at your campus for training your faculty until he/she will be equipped with complete knowledge to transfer it back to their students. Upon signing an MOU, JRPL can be a full time partner to train your students on various technologies practically using robots.
  • Quick return of investment on facilities
    Student/ Industry community now understands the importance of practical education. It is always observed that students prefer to study in a campus where there is good research infrastructure and hybrid cultural ecosystem. Establishing Robotics Center of Excellence will push any university a place ahead in getting new admissions and getting international exposure.
  • Free maintenance of facilities
    If JRPL is appointed as the official training partner to deliver its well structured hands on learning curriculum using Robotics - Center of Excellence to the students of that concerned university, JRPL will also take the responsibility of maintaining of all robots and equipment installed in Robotics - C.O.E without any financial/technical burden to the concerned university.
  • Revenue benefits on infrastructure
    When JRPL is appointed as the official training partner to organize practical learning courses on robotics and automation, revenue generated from such courses will be partly shared with university, on an account of using the infrastructure facilities from the concerned campus.
  • Industry Academia Interaction
    Universities when equipped with advanced facilities like Robotics - Center of Excellence and when offered to students with industry related practical learning courses; that is the best any educational institution can offer to their students. This culture will also enhance the industry academia interaction and will encourage students to be industry ready by the time they graduate.
A cost effective solution for students with best benefits
  • Certified Hands on Training Programs
    Students will get access to well defined curriculum where they learn and experience advanced technologies in a practical approach using robots. This learning pedagogy will enhance the students creative, logical, analytical, problem solving, engineering and technology skills. This will help students inculcate in them the key life skills required for an engineer.
  • Integrated with current semesters
    With support from university, all the courses in connection with Robotics Center of Excellence can be executed in-line with academics. This does NOT leave any additional burden to the students but will keep them self motivated to achieve higher in academics. Unlike other students who go for additional certified courses later after graduation, students can now get certified with required industrial technologies very much during their academics itself.
  • Life cycle of product development, Marketing and Branding
    Engineering studies is one of the junctions in our life, where we decide to continue our career in either of the administration / engineering fields. So at this stage, it is important for the student to be aware of basic life cycle of product development, marketing and branding procedures. Such eco system will give a better insight to student to select the right path and succeed progressively. As part of the course, students will be exposed such eco-system which will give them better edge over others.
  • Industry Connect Program
    Every students who is part of our training program will have an access to Industry Connect Program, where Industries and Students share a common platform. Student will get an opportunity to get interviewed with top companies and Industries will get an access to graduates with practical knowledge and industry attitude.
  • Gain self confidence to execute innovative projects
    It is very much a known fact that, most of the engineering students tend to purchase and submit their final major/mini projects, just because students have got NO interest(or) because students having NO access to required infrastructure/ technical guidance to execute the projects. In either of these cases, it is very much important for both university and student to understand that, one very important phase of engineering is the opportunity to show case our skills in the form of our final projects. When that very important phase itself is NOT handled by students properly then we @ JRPL feel that the engineering education is of NO importance. It is to address this very important problem in education today, we have come up with our offering of Robotics Center of Excellence, where; students will have access to infrastructure and technical guidance will be provided either by university or by JRPL. Moreover students when enroll with our courses they get self-motivated and will be more than willing to execute their own projects.
Hands on training with wide range of robo products
  • RoboRuka

    RoboRuka will let students learn and experience the concepts of Kinematics, Coordinate Transformations, trajectory planning, path planning, optimization algorithms and many other real-time automation technology protocols.

  • Docile X

    Mobile robot platform

    DocileX is a mobile robot research platform for students to let learn concepts of embedded programming and interfacing technologies.

  • Assaulter Moduler

    This mobile track robot will let students experience the concepts of mechanical and electronic engineering. This will also give an insight to different navigation technologies.

  • Docile X

    robot with pan & tilt camera & gripper module

    This advanced mobile robot is a open platform for students/researchers to try and implement various algorithms related to image processing neural networks, artificial intelligence, path planning,distributed networks, cloud computing and many other technologies.

  • Omni Wheel Robot

    Omni Wheel Robot is a advanced mobile robot which gives the student an option of exploring and experimenting various technologies related to Image Processing, path planning and artificial intelligence.

  • Jr. Wizmo

    Jr. Wizmo will be a idle low cost humanoid research platform for a group interested to implement and learn different algorithms related to motion control, stability, Forward Kinematics, Inverse Kinematics, Creating effective motion gaits, data mapping, decision synthesis and many more.

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