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Learning Embedded System through Gaming

As the ecosystem across globe is now rapidly moving towards using high power compact/thin electronic gadgets, it looks lucrative in business perspective and there-by huge money and time is being invested by many companies across globe to be meet the high tech requirement of the changing ecosystem. It is also a well known fact to every one of us that, every smart device is the outcome of sleek mechanical look and feel with thin/compact electronics and embedded code deployed on chip. This rapidly growing demand for sleek and compact devices indicates a proportional growth in creating employability opportunities in creative mechanical designing, understand electronics to core and programming at very optimized chip level. This workshop deals with making students exposed to the structure of using such compact system-on-ship devices and programming efficiently at the core level, which will be the skill in demand through-out next couple of decades.

Why should you attend?

Programming Skills:

Where it is used: In the past 10-15 years IT and software market has expanded by around $ 370+ Billion all over the world and still it is continuously increasing. Almost every software company is having the requirement for software engineers with good programming skills. As well known, python was being the part of the winning formula for productivity, software quality, and maintainability at many companies and institutions around the world. More Python is being used everywhere, having hands on experience on Python will give you better edge in fulfilling your dream to work in different verticals of engineering like in IT industry, Embedded Industry, Gaming Industry, Networking Industry, System Administration, Simulation companies and many more.


Where it is used: In the Software/IT market, one of the very big markets is of the web-hosting companies which are giving web services to the clients. Almost every big web hosting giant prefers Linux OS at server system and hosting websites. Having knowledge of Linux will have a very good added advantage for entering in such web-hosting giants.

Interfacing embedded components with software:

Where it is used: According to the reports, the embedded market worldwide was around $113 Billion till 2010 and is grown at a rate of 7%. Now a days, many companies working on embedded systems are doing research on developing custom embedded boards that can work both for interfacing embedded equipments and also to run the complex software programs. Having hands on with interfacing embedded components to your program will give you a glance of the skills required in the current embedded market.

Using Raspberry Pi to develop voice controlled robot:

While doing the hands on with Raspberry Pi, you will come up with a Robot having raspberry pi mounted on it and controlled through speech. In such a system, there is no need of separate computer/Desktop to control the robot wirelessly. Raspberry Pi mounted on robot will do all the jobs required for this purpose.

Where it is used: Now a days, so many companies are coming up with smart devices which are just controlled with voice such as smart TVs, smart home system and many more where everything is controlled with voice. Every big organization is spending millions of dollars on speech research every year. Hands on with this application can give you basic insight of speech research and its usage in the modern day industries.

Admission procedure


  1. Robotic/embedded enthusiasts.
  2. Current & Passed out students of B.E / B.Tech / ME / M.Tech /B.Sc / M.Sc


  1. Basic Knowledge of C programming.
  2. Basic Exposure to microcontrollers and basic electronics (NOT Mandatory).

Course package & fee:

  1. A nominal fee of Rs. 1200/- is charged per participant which includes
    • Theoretical & hands-on training for 16 hours (2 days).
    • A course content booklet which includes the training presentation, live examples & exercises.
    • 4 members would be provided one robot kit during the workshop for the purpose of training.
    • An exclusive 10% discount would be provided on the robot kit for those who would like to purchase. This offer stands valid only for those who would purchase the kit during the workshop.
  2. Participants wishing to enroll themselves should pay the fee atleast 4 days in advance of the start of the course.
  3. Participants can pay the fee through the following methods
    • You can transfer online to our account through NEFT. Kindly send a mail to us with your complete details after the transaction.
    • You can deposit the amount in our account. Kindly send a mail to us with your complete details after the transaction.
    • You can pay at our office.

    A/c No: 3063136674
    IFSC Code: CBIN0282042
    Branch: Central Bank of India Patancheru

  • Q: How should I enroll for the training courses?
    A: You can register for the training course by paying a fee of Rs.1200/- atleast 4 days in advance to the start of the course.
  • Q: Where should I pay the fee?
    A: You have three payment options where you could transfer the amount online through NEFT/ deposit the amount in our account/ pay at office. Please send an email with all your details once you have done the transaction.
  • Q: Will I get a confirmation mail from you once I pay the fee?
    A: Yes. We will call you and send a confirmation mail once we receive the payment.
  • Q: Will I be provided accommodation if I come from outstation?
    A: No. However we will assist you in providing information regarding nearby accommodation facilities.
  • Q: What if I wish to cancel the course? Will I get any refund?
    A: If you cancel the course before 48 hours of the start of the course, a cancellation fee of Rs.150/- will be charged and the remaining amount will be refunded. However, we will not refund any amount if you wish to cancel during the 48 hours before the start of the course.
  • Q: When will I receive the certificate?
    A: You will be receiving the certificate within 15 days of the completion of the course.
  • Q: Are there any Group discounts availiable?
    A: When group of more than 5 member come together discount of 8% will be applicable.
    When group of more than 8 member come together discount of 10% will be applicable.
    When group of more than 10member come together discount of 15% will be applicable.

Download course content

This section offers users the option to download complete course content.


Skills addressed:

  • Python Programming skills
  • Application Development Life Cycle
  • Logical thinking
  • Problem solving skills
  • Code Optimization Techniques.
  • Interfacing Techniques.
  • Hands on with Linux.

Related Industries:

  • Embedded application development.
  • IT Industry.
  • Gaming Industry
  • Developing Networking Tools
  • Developing Automatic Testing tools.
  • Collaborative research Industry.
  • Data Analysis Product development industries and many more.