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Android for Building Unmanned Remote Surveillance Vehicle

At present, young generation is passionate about tablets, mobile phones and smart systems, and has a desire to make their career in this sector, as the market of these smart devices is growing at an exponential rate and market for developing applications over those devices is also growing at rapid pace. With this workshop students can have hands on with such smarter technologies that are used in tablets and mobile phones.

Why should you attend?

Hands on with Android application development

Where it can be used? The android is the leading Smartphone's and tablet software platform with a market share of 70 %. Lots of companies are coming up with the base as android application development. Even, a person having knowledge of Android application development can earn money from his home by putting his applications as freelancer on Google Play Store.

Hands on with Network video streaming using Sockets:

Where it can be used? Network is the backbone of present day world. Now a days, the entire world is running on Networking, sending information is very quick and easy. There are a lot of industries which are excelling just by providing Networking solutions to the clients, because it is now the need of every organization. Having hands on with networking using sockets will help the students to have glance of current industry needs in the area of Networks.

Building a Surveillance Robot :

While doing hands on activities during workshop, students will come up with a semi industrial surveillance system in which a mobile robot having camera mounted on it will continuously give the live picture of the area and at the same time user can control the robot from the remote location.

Where it can be used? Almost every country's defense structure requires a surveillance system so that they can continuously monitor their border areas from the remote places. Even now a day, robotics research is the key part of every country's defense structure, for which they are continuously investing millions of dollars every year

Admission procedure


  1. Robotic/embedded enthusiasts.
  2. Current & Passed out students of B.E / B.Tech / ME / M.Tech /B.Sc / M.Sc


  1. Basic Knowledge of C programming.
  2. Basic Exposure to microcontrollers and basic electronics (NOT Mandatory).

Course package & fee:

  1. A nominal fee of Rs. 1200/- is charged per participant which includes
    • Theoretical & hands-on training for 16 hours (2 days).
    • A course content booklet which includes the training presentation, live examples & exercises.
    • 4 members would be provided one robot kit during the workshop for the purpose of training.
    • An exclusive 10% discount would be provided on the robot kit for those who would like to purchase. This offer stands valid only for those who would purchase the kit during the workshop.
  2. Participants wishing to enroll themselves should pay the fee atleast 4 days in advance of the start of the course.
  3. Participants can pay the fee through the following methods
    • You can transfer online to our account through NEFT. Kindly send a mail to us with your complete details after the transaction.
    • You can deposit the amount in our account. Kindly send a mail to us with your complete details after the transaction.
    • You can pay at our office.

    A/c No: 3063136674
    IFSC Code: CBIN0282042
    Branch: Central Bank of India Patancheru

  • Q: How should I enroll for the training courses?
    A: You can register for the training course by paying a fee of Rs.1200/- atleast 4 days in advance to the start of the course.
  • Q: Where should I pay the fee?
    A: You have three payment options where you could transfer the amount online through NEFT/ deposit the amount in our account/ pay at office. Please send an email with all your details once you have done the transaction.
  • Q: Will I get a confirmation mail from you once I pay the fee?
    A: Yes. We will call you and send a confirmation mail once we receive the payment.
  • Q: Will I be provided accommodation if I come from outstation?
    A: No. However we will assist you in providing information regarding nearby accommodation facilities.
  • Q: What if I wish to cancel the course? Will I get any refund?
    A: If you cancel the course before 48 hours of the start of the course, a cancellation fee of Rs.150/- will be charged and the remaining amount will be refunded. However, we will not refund any amount if you wish to cancel during the 48 hours before the start of the course.
  • Q: When will I receive the certificate?
    A: You will be receiving the certificate within 15 days of the completion of the course.
  • Q: Are there any Group discounts availiable?
    A: When group of more than 5 member come together discount of 8% will be applicable.
    When group of more than 8 member come together discount of 10% will be applicable.
    When group of more than 10member come together discount of 15% will be applicable.

Download course content

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Skills addressed:

  • Programming skills
  • Team work
  • Logical thinking
  • Planning of project
  • Problem solving

Related Industries:

  • Software services and product development Industries.
  • Custom Application development firms for smart devices.
  • Networking and Security.
  • Home Automations industry.
  • Entertainment and Gaming Industry.